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I'm wondering why a vintage thing is so much more expensive than a reissue.
Even if it's like a solid state amp from the 70-s, it will be more expensive than a brand new one and sound exactly the same too.
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Cause normally (with real vintage-guitars/amps) they were handbuilt (some brands) and used woods and stuff that's now prohibited or to expensive/hard to get like brazilian rosewood (or something like that?)
Also some brands like Squier USED to make really really really high-class quality guitars but were bought by another company or went bankrupt.
Those really old quality guitars are much better then the new production ones and well... obviously more people want them!

Some instruments/amps get a more desinctive own sound after several years of abuse and some people want that sound!

And some people just pay more cause it's an discontinued guitar/amp/whatever and there aren't many left so they want them in their collection
What expensive "vintage" SS from the 70's have you come across? Most older SS stuff sells dirt cheap, from what I've seen.
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Its usually valve amps or specific guitars that are worth a lot when they are vintage.

Usually its down to them having a very specific tone which is pretty much unobtainable with modern equipment.

And equipment is really only worth whatever you're willing to pay for it...
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Solid States are indeed cheaper but that's cause the electronics won't develop in those years...
They still give the same (crappy/good) tone.

Tube's DO develop after several years of abuse or the tube's in the amp aren't made anymore
it's quite rare that you'll ever get a vintage amp with it's original tubes still working. Vintage amps are sought after and more expensive for these reasons:

-if the amp was just a very eye-catching design, and no current amps have that look

-if the particular model is associated with one or more famous musicians (ie VOXAC30's and the Beatles, or Queen)

-if the amp achieves tones that no other amp on the market can (this is usually due to handwiring, non-standard cicruit design, or use of rare/expensive materials in the making of the cicruitry

or some combination of the above three factors.

By and large, vintage amps usually heavier, less efficient, less safe electrically, and they are lacking in modern conveniences, such as ohm selectors, extra inputs with different functions, headphone jacks, midi capability, onboard effects, effect loops, multiple channels, etc etc etc

The nice thing is that most major amp makers know how treasured their previous amps were, and they often make reissues that are strikingly similar in tone... vox reissues the AC30 as the AC30 Custom Classic... Marshall has a whole line of handwired heads available right now... Fender is constantly re-releasing the twin and the bassman...
Alright, thanks guys. That gave me a little better understanding over the whole thing.

EDIT: special thanks to frigginjerk, well written description
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Alright, thanks guys. That gave me a little better understanding over the whole thing.

EDIT: special thanks to frigginjerk, well written description

i do what i can. glad to be of help.

Good example for how some vintage stuff are very expensive and some not are Sound City and Hiwatt. Hiwatts are Sound City amps, both were constructed by Dave Reeves. A vintage Hiwatt sells for about £2000. What does a Sound City of the same type go for then you ask? Well it goes for about £200.

Why do Hiwatts cost SO much more? Because The Who and Pink Floyd used Hiwatts (though the early Hiwatts The Who used were actually just Sound City amps with a Hiwatt logo, they used them during Tommy for an example!).
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