Ok, so the lead guitarist and me in our band were recently talking about the direction of the band. We've been having trouble getting a bassist and a drummer, but we've found a pair that is only interested in grunge music. even though our singer probably won't want anything to do with this grunge idea, me and the lead have decided that if our singer won't go along with it, we'll take everything we've written and our name and go along with the grunge idea.
my problem is, we need some good grunge bands to cover.
Suggestions, comments?
The Pixies

I thought i'd say someone different to Nirvana

The Picies are Nirvana's biggest influence

and are awesome
Grunge up some Who song, though I put my vote in for Aneurysm by Nirvana, cause that song rocks balls.
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Ooh, didn't really read the post. Well cover "Touch Me I'm Sick" by Mudhoney, cover a lesser known Nirvana song... and one of the heavier grungier Pixies songs... and Pearl Jam yeah. I suppose you could do a Husker Du song, not sure if it's strictly grunge.

Ever heard of Teenage Fanclub? They play grungey stuff.
haha any alice in chains song dude
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Pixies, Nirvana (lesser known stuff), Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Green River are all good choices.
Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, or Alice in Chains. All three are amazing bands, but even though a lot of people know of them, they are still always overshadowed by Nirvana.
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