For my sociology course work i did a study into gender in eduacation and now its finished i will show you my findings


In the 1950’s boys ruled the school, boys where getting higher test results than girls in every stage of their education. Also most males went on to university or where employed for manual labour. Whereas girls took traditionally non male subjects such as cooking and textiles.
But today the tables have turned since the 70’s girls have started to achieve more than boys at every stage of their education, also traditionally male and female subjects have been abolished by the national curriculum which makes sure that everyone takes the same subjects and are taught the same thing.
There are many reasons why the levels of achievement have shifted. The main reason being the introduction of GCSE’S, the national curriculum and coursework. Also the national curriculum has helped as girls no longer have to take subjects like cooking and textiles where GCSE’S aren’t very helpful in that subject area.
This table shows the gcse results from 2001:
Subject Gender Number sat A* A B C D, E, F, G, U
Art Male 88107 3.5 9.5 16.9 25.8 44.3
Female 111203 8.6 18.8 23.6 24.8 24.2
Both 199310 6.4 14.6 20.7 25.2 33.1
Business Studies Male 57690 2.8 8.3 14.6 26.8 47.5
Female 46701 3.8 9.9 15.5 28.5 42.3
Both 104391 3.2 9.1 15.0 27.5 45.2
Classical Civilisation Male 1983 6.4 20.0 26.4 21.9 25.3
Female 1922 11.0 25.0 24.5 18.1 21.4
Both 3905 8.7 22.4 25.5 20.0 23.4
Design & Technology Male 229483 2.0 7.5 12.6 22.4 55.5
Female 207480 3.1 14.0 18.1 25.3 39.5
Both 436963 2.5 10.6 15.2 23.8 47.9
Drama Male 34521 2.7 12.2 22.2 25.0 37.9
Female 58611 4.8 20.0 28.3 23.9 23.0
Both 93132 4.0 17.1 26.0 24.4 28.5
Economics Male 3951 5.3 13.4 22.9 25.6 32.8
Female 1381 5.2 15.6 24.5 23.4 31.3
Both 5332 5.3 13.9 23.3 25.1 32.4
English Male 334932 2.2 7.7 15.6 25.3 49.2
Female 331861 4.1 13.2 21.5 27.4 33.8
Both 666793 3.1 10.5 18.5 26.4 41.5
English Literature Male 259428 2.7 9.2 19.6 24.8 43.7
Female 278928 4.8 14.9 25.9 25.7 28.7
Both 538356 3.8 12.1 22.9 25.3 35.9
French Male 164503 5.4 8.7 11.2 20.4 54.3
Female 182504 8.8 12.6 15.2 23.8 39.6
Both 347007 7.2 10.8 13.3 22.1 46.6
Geography Male 141463 6.2 11.6 15.6 23.7 42.9
Female 112293 9.6 14.7 16.6 22.5 36.6
Both 253756 7.7 13.0 16.1 23.1 40.1
German Male 64745 5.3 9.3 13.1 22.8 49.5
Female 70388 8.8 13.7 16.7 24.5 36.3
Both 135133 7.1 11.6 15.0 23.7 42.6
Greek Male 632 47.6 26.3 13.9 7.8 4.4
Female 369 52.0 27.4 10.8 6.3 3.5
Both 1001 49.3 26.6 12.8 7.2 4.1
History Male 108703 6.5 14.4 19.4 19.0 40.7
Female 109992 9.0 17.4 20.3 18.2 35.1
Both 218695 7.8 15.9 19.8 18.6 37.9
Home Economics Male 2685 1.2 5.7 8.5 21.0 63.6
Female 40301 2.9 10.1 12.4 25.1 49.5
Both 42986 2.8 9.8 12.2 24.8 50.4
Humanities Male 10290 1.2 5.5 12.1 17.9 63.3
Female 10909 2.5 9.6 17.2 20.0 50.7
Both 21199 1.8 7.7 14.7 19.0 56.8
Information Technology Male 66857 4.4 10.7 15.7 24.7 44.5
Female 45033 5.8 13.0 16.9 26.2 38.1
Both 111890 5.0 11.5 16.3 25.3 41.9
Latin Male 5308 24.8 33.3 19.4 13.2 9.3
Female 5054 35.3 30.3 16.7 10.3 7.4
Both 10362 29.9 31.9 18.1 11.7 8.4
Mathematics Male 344098 3.0 8.3 16.4 22.0 50.3
Female 346606 2.7 8.3 17.5 22.1 49.4
Both 690704 2.8 8.3 17.0 22.0 49.9
Music Male 19481 9.9 17.7 21.1 17.9 33.4
Female 26410 10.5 21.0 24.4 18.8 25.3
Both 45891 10.3 19.5 23.0 18.4 28.8
Physical Education Male 74976 3.1 10.1 18.6 21.2 47.0
Female 35369 5.7 12.7 19.5 19.3 42.8
Both 110345 3.9 10.9 19.0 20.6 45.6
Religious Studies Male 49225 5.2 10.3 16.1 19.3 49.1
Female 70325 9.9 16.1 20.3 19.4 34.3
Both 119550 8.0 13.7 18.5 19.4 40.4
Science: Biology Male 27711 13.9 24.8 27.8 21.6 11.9
Female 21247 17.8 26.3 24.7 18.9 12.3
Both 48958 15.6 25.4 26.5 20.4 12.1
Science: Chemistry Male 27432 14.7 26.6 25.4 21.6 11.7
Female 19430 18.1 28.4 24.3 19.1 10.1
Both 46862 16.1 27.3 25.0 20.6 11.0
Science: Physics Male 27875 17.6 26.1 24.6 20.6 11.1
Female 18602 17.2 26.8 24.0 20.1 11.9
Both 46477 17.4 26.4 24.4 20.4 11.4
Science: Double Award (1) Male 505670 3.4 7.4 12.3 28.0 48.9
Female 512814 4.6 8.8 13.1 27.1 46.4
Both 1018484 4.0 8.1 12.7 27.6 47.6
Science: Single Award Male 33604 0.4 0.8 1.7 14.9 82.2
Female 33098 0.4 1.4 2.8 18.7 76.7
Both 66702 0.4 1.1 2.3 16.7 79.5
Social Science Male 767 1.3 5.1 12.1 17.7 63.8
Female 1593 2.3 6.8 14.1 23.8 53.0
Both 2360 1.9 6.3 13.5 21.8 56.5
Spanish Male 22595 8.6 12.9 13.3 18.3 46.9
Female 31731 12.9 16.4 16.5 19.9 34.3
Both 54326 11.1 15.0 15.1 19.3 39.5
Welsh: First Language Male 2044 2.3 7.9 20.0 32.3 37.5
Female 2357 5.4 15.0 28.9 30.0 20.7
Both 4401 4.0 11.7 24.7 31.1 28.5
Welsh: Second Language Male 5111 7.4 9.9 11.7 24.7 46.3
Female 6512 12.3 15.7 16.5 26.2 29.3
Both 11623 10.2 13.1 14.4 25.5 36.8
Welsh Literature Male 1541 2.8 12.7 16.2 30.4 37.9
Female 1962 6.6 22.2 22.7 28.2 20.3
Both 3503 4.9 18.1 19.8 29.2 28.0
Combined Subjects Male 4455 1.7 7.5 14.7 23.8 52.3
Female 4299 2.4 11.8 17.3 23.9 44.6
Both 8754 2.0 9.6 16.0 23.9 48.5
Other Modern Languages Male 12840 20.0 21.1 16.4 13.4 29.1
Female 16279 24.7 25.8 17.3 13.6 18.6
Both 29119 22.6 23.8 16.9 13.5 23.2
Other Sciences Male 5452 5.0 10.2 11.5 23.1 50.2
Female 7258 3.1 7.6 11.4 29.3 48.6
Both 12710 3.9 8.7 11.5 26.6 49.3
Other Social Sciences Male 6173 2.3 5.6 12.3 27.2 52.6
Female 16490 4.1 11.2 17.7 28.3 38.7
Both 22663 3.6 9.7 16.2 28.0 42.5
Other Technology Male 1370 2.0 7.5 13.4 21.4 55.7
Female 203 2.0 16.2 23.7 19.2 38.9
Both 1573 2.0 8.6 14.8 21.1 53.5
All Other Subjects Male 41850 2.1 8.8 15.4 25.6 48.1
Female 55870 3.6 12.5 19.0 25.8 39.1
Both 97720 3.0 10.8 17.5 25.7 43.0
All Subjects Male 2789551 4.0 9.4 15.4 23.8 47.4
Female 2843385 5.8 12.9 18.4 24.4 38.5
Both 5632936 4.9 11.2 16.9 24.1 42.9

These results show that girls did the best in language subjects with a massive 52 girls getting A* in Greek. Girls also did well in subjects such as science music and art. Boys did well in subjects such as geography technology and physics. The biggest gap in achievement had to be in language subjects as it is the boy’s worst subject and the girl’s best subject.
Many sociologists came up with reasons to why girls are doing better than boys at GCSE but two sociologist’s mitsos and brown compiled all of these into a list the reasons girls are doing better are:
• The women’s movement and feminism raised girls self esteem
• Girls where being given equal opportunities
• There was a decrease in manual labour
• Girls are more motivated and organised than boys
• Girls are up to 2 years more mature than boys and will be more likely to realise the importance of their GCSE’S
The reasons why boys where doing worse where:
• Teachers expected less from boys than girls
• Boys are more disruptive
• Peer pressure encourages boys to not do work to be cool
• Decline in manual labour de-motivated boys
• Boys overestimate their ability and underestimate the effort that they need to put in their work
• Boys hobbies are more likely to be sports where as girls will read for entertainment
• Boys where worried as girls where taking their jobs
I’m going to follow in the footsteps of mitsos and brown and carry out a sociological study on gender in achievement. The aim of my investigation is to explore why girls are doing better in education and if this gender gap is growing and if it affects you late on in life.
The questions I want to ask in my investigation are:
• Boys and Girls views on homework
• The differences in gender peer pressure
• Whether girls enjoy school more than boys
• What boys and girls are going to do after they leave school
• If teachers expect more of girls than boys
I predict boys will value homework less, teachers will expect more from girls, and girls will have higher sats grades also girls will have different peer pressure and Girls will enjoy their education more than boys.
For my investigation I have decided to use questionnaires to gain the information needed to answer my hypothesis.
I have chosen to use questionnaires for many reasons. The Reasons being that questionnaires are cheap to make and not very time consuming unlike interviews and observations which can take hours to complete where as you can get all your results in one day with questionnaires. Questionnaires can also provide me with statistical data towards my investigations as I can include things like yes and no answers and attitude scales. Also questionnaires are useful as people do not feel under pressure and behave normally unlike when they know their being observed. This will prevent people from lying and possible making my results invalid. Finally questionnaires are good as they always have consent from the people who filled them in as covert observation is slightly unethical.
Although there are problems with the questionnaire for example the response rate is very low. Other problems with a questionnaire are that you cannot explain questions if people do not understand them and although people are less likely to lie in questionnaires there is no way of telling if people are lying. To prevent people from not understanding my questions I have decided to make my questions as simple as possible.
I have decided to make my questionnaire more ethical by keeping it confidential I have done this by not asking for things like name and addresses.
My questionnaire is mainly strait answers as I want to provide as much statistical data as possible I have also included an attitude scale to provide even more statistical data. There are few questions on my questionnaire which aren’t yes no questions but these are mainly out of personal interest.
After my pilot study I changed some spelling mistakes and reworded a question I also added two questions asking what year group the surveyed is in and I also asked who their role model was out of interest and to see if boys role models are mainly sporting people.
For my sample I am going to give 3 groups my questionnaires, my form as I know I can defiantly gather all my results and there will be a teacher there so my peers will take it seriously. A top set class in my year and a bottom set class in my year for this I will find a teacher who has these classes for a subject and get them to hand the questionnaires out.
I am going to distribute my questionnaires to a teacher whom will then hand them out to their class and collect the questionnaires in once completed I will then collect the questionnaires in of the teacher I handed it to.
This is a questionnaire on gender in education it will help me gather information needed to complete my sociology course work and I was hoping you can spare 5 minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire. Could you please circle your answer unless there is a space provided to write in.
Are you?
Male / Female

Which Year group are you in?
7 8 9 10 11

Which is you highest set?
1 2 3 4 5 6

Which subject is this?

Which is your lowest set?
1 2 3 4 5 6

Which subject is this?

Which sets are you in for Maths, English and Science?
Maths ___ English ___ Science ___
Who do you live with?
Both parents / Single parent / Guardian

What is there occupation?
Please tick the box you agree with
Question Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I enjoy school
I have good attendance
I like tests
I’m a good influence on my class mates
Doing homework is uncool
My teachers like me
I work hard
I get more detentions than everyone else
School is a laugh nothing more
I do my homework
I feel I cannot be Bothered with school work
I bring the right equipment to school
I’m smart
My grades are on target
My teachers expect good results from me
My parents expect good results from me

My favourite subject is

Which gender do you think does better at tests?
Boys / Girls

What are your hobbies?
What sort of things do you read in your spare time?

What are you going to do after you leave school?
Higher education / Get a job

Who is your role model?

After I leave school I want to be

How clever do you think you are on a scale of 1-10 10 being the highest?
What would you change about the school if you could?
In my sociological investigation I wanted to find out why girls are currently doing better than boys at GCSE and A level. To figure this out, I set a list of questions I wanted answers for as they could help me prove weather other theories for why girls are achieving more than boys are correct. I also chose these questions as they can help me come up with my own theory on the matter. The questions I decided to ask where: Boys and Girls views on homework, The differences in gender peer pressure, Weather Girls enjoys school more than boys, What boys and girls are going to do after they leave school, If teachers expect more from girls than boys. I decided to find the answers to these questions by going straight to the subject of this claim, a group of year 11 school children. To get my answers I distributed 20 questionnaires out to a year 11 form group as they will differ greatly in opinions, level of ability and maturity. In the following pages I will explain my results and point out trends referring to my graphs.
Do girls enjoy school more than boys?
My results show that 54% of girls surveyed enjoyed school whereas only 37.5% of boys said they enjoyed school. This shows that my prediction of girls enjoying school more than boys is correct, this can be put down to many factors but the main thing that I think effects how much a child enjoys school is peer interaction according to studies by sociologists Paul Willis and Sue Sharp boys tend to be seen as cool in the eyes of their peer group by not doing homework and taking the “Mick” out of “boffins” or the boys who actually achieve at school. Sue Sharp’s study has show that girls can be seen as cool in there peer groups by having the best material objects (clothes, mobile phones, make up) because of this girls can achieve without having to suffer their popularity. Contradictory to this my survey showed that compared to girls more boys agreed with the fact they did their homework compared to girls. So is this trend about to turn? And boys will start doing better than girls or was this just an anomaly on my survey only time can tell.
Boys and girls views on homework
As you have just read my survey shows that boys agree with the statement that they do their homework. But i wanted to know how the youths of today feel about homework. My results showed that 63% of girls surveyed disagreed with the statement that homework was uncool. Only 12.5% of boys disagreed with this statement. This shows that although boys do their homework they still view it as uncool. This is strengthened by the fact that 50% of boys agreed or strongly agreed with this fact.
Gender peer pressure
My survey shows that regardless of the fact homework is uncool in the eyes of boys they do it anyway a turning point for boys? Or have i just stumbled upon a sample of boys who are seen as “boffins.” As i cannot predict this i am going to have make a educated guess 7 out of 8 boys i surveyed were in set 1 (the highest set possible) this tells me that these boys see homework as uncool but will do it anyway as they are at a high level of education and have the foresight to see that it will benefit them in the long run.
Boys and Girls after school
My study shows that 90% of girls asked where going to get higher education and one girl was undecided. 24% of boys wanted to go into work after school. This may be due to the fact there is now a increase in demand of manual labour in such jobs as construction this will help boys very much as a lack of manual jobs had de-motivated them. This result cannot be bias as i have a sample of very smart boys who could potentially do any jobs they want.
Teacher’s expectations
Teacher’s expectations can affect a Childs progress a lot as it will either pressure them to do well or let them go astray. This was proven in a study called Pygmalion in the class room by Rosentile and Jacobson they carried out this study on a school in Mexico they asked every student to fill out a questionnaire and from that they would tell the teachers which children will have a intellectual growth spurt. So after analysing the tests they handed back the results. After a year had passed they returned to the school to analyse their results they had accurately predicted what they set out to do. The clever part of this study was they made up which children would do well and which wouldn’t, as the results show the teachers knew which children were going to have a intellectual spurt and expected more from them and thus they achieved more. My results show that girls this that their teachers expect more from them than boys. This will put the extra pressure on girls and will help them achieve more than boys. I think girls think this because teachers can praise them without embarrassment from their peers and so the message is received better. Although teachers expectations can be manipulated in the case of Pygmalion in the class room this should not be done as it can be seen as un-ethical because you are squandering another Childs progress.

Overall there are many things that can affect the progress of a child’s education. From my study i can confirm that peer pressure and teachers expectations are greatly affecting boys. But in contrast i can see new trends emerging for example the sample of boys i surveyed had the foresight to see how doing their homework will help them in the future. With boys doing all this extra homework it may raise teacher’s expectations and this may change how boys peer pressure works. Also a increase in demand for manual labour may motivate boys again. Finally i predict if boys carry on like this in 50 years or so there will be no gap in gender results !
I decided to use questionnaire to get my results I chose this method as it had many strengths. The main strengths of a questionnaire are that it is cheap and quick to produce, it can be used to provide statistical data, you cannot influence people’s opinions and depending in which way you distributed it you can get a high response rate. Also unlike an interview embarrassing questions can be filled in, in private. All of these aspects make a questionnaire a very strong method of research for example with an interview it is possible to persuade the interviewee into answering what you want to hear. A questionnaire is also a more reasonable choice to use than an observation because it is less time consuming. Also if you are comparing a questionnaire to covert observation it is more ethical, overt observation may also persuade people to act out of character.
Although questionnaires have many strengths as well as many weaknesses. For example Questionnaires are able to provide solid statistical data but the downfall of this is the fact that they cannot provide in depth physiological information. Although embarrassing questions can be filled out in private. It can be easier to lie on a questionnaire as you are not under any pressure to answer correctly. The main problem with questionnaires is the fact that they have a very low response rate if you do not talk to who you’re asking face to face. Overall questionnaires are the most logical choice of doing a gender in education study as it is very important to have statistical information in this subject as you will want to see where the gap starts.
Once I decided on my method I proceeded to carry out my questionnaire. I decided to use my tutor group as a sample as it offers a wide range of abilities and stages of maturity. I also decided upon this as I know some information on my peers and I may be able to spot any obvious lies which could possibly affect my study.

I think my results are valid because my for group wouldn’t be afraid to ask me what questions mean. Also I know my peers well so they would see no need to show off and lie and I would probably figure out if they are lying. Also there were no questions which would embarrass people on my questionnaire. My results are also valid as anyone could copy my questionnaire and hand it out again and get the same results as me.
Although my results may look valid they may not be for example my peers may have filled in the questionnaire incorrectly for a joke. Also some of the answers may be bias as I took one of the questionnaires and so did some of my peers who knew what my study was about. Overall all I thought that my method worked well and my results are valid.

Boys and Girls views on homework
I predicted that girls would see the importance of homework more than boys due to the fact they are up to 2 years more mature than boys. My results showed that most girls disagrees with the statement that homework is uncool.
The differences in gender peer pressure
According to the work of Paul Willis boys gained popularity by being comical in the case of disrupting lessons and not doing homework. My results showed because of the differences in peer pressure most boys viewed homework as uncool. In my study although boys viewed homework as uncool most of them agreed with the statement “I do my homework.”
Do you girls enjoy school more than boys?
I predicted that girls would enjoy school more than boys. I predicted this correctly as girls enjoyed school 16.5% more than boys in my study. I think this is because of the differences in peer pressure which is self destructive towards boys.
What are boys and girls going to do after school?
I predicted that most girls where going to go on to higher education where as boys were more likely to go into a job after school. I predicted this correctly as 90% of girls wanted to go onto higher education and 24% of boys wanted to go into jobs.
Teacher’s expectations
I predicted that teachers would expect more from girls than boys. I could not ask teachers this directly, but the girls who took my questionnaire mostly agreed with the statement my teachers expect good results from me.
Overall all of my predictions where correct but I did find some surprising facts about Gender in education my final prediction is that the gap will close in 50 years as boys are re gaining their confidence and their peer pressure is changing.

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I doubt it would be to hard especially when you have a whole essay to copy lol

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Sorry, but I don't give two shits about your report that comes to an obvious conclusion.
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Sorry, but I don't give two shits about your report that comes to an obvious conclusion.

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Sorry, but I don't give two shits about your report that comes to an obvious conclusion.

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Wait, gender in education? They're letting women get an education these days?

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Wait, gender in education? They're letting women get an education these days?

I hear so, but when I tried to go my father beat me and made me clean the kitchen.
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I hear so, but when I tried to go my father beat me and made me clean the kitchen.

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oh yea, stanleybach, what are u like the forum ass hole, stop tryin to ruin all the fun u dick head

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