so today I decided I wanted to re-string my acoustic guitar because I felt bored and it looked like it needed to be re-strung anyway. Usually when I re-string my guitar, my friend has this tool that pops the bridge pins out. But today, seeing as I don't have that tool myself (i dont even know what the heck it's called), I can't remove my bridge pins.

I've tried using my hands for like 20 minutes, and then I decided to give up. So then I went to get floss and tied it around the bridge pins and that didn't really work either...
so any suggestions on how to remove them? Or what that tool thing is called so I can go buy one.
Pliers would work, but may damage the bridge pins.

You can buy a Bridge Pin Puller, or there is usually a bridge pin puller on a string winder.

Its the 'u' shape cut out of the end of the winder.
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yeah last time i used pliers, my bridge pins were all GDSG%#%#'d up. and I brought it to the store to re-string because my bridge pins were so screwed up, and my guitar was apparently still under guarantee and I got a new guitar. so i'm avoiding pliers.
i've always used a pair of needle nose pliers, never had a problem.
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Quote by sthall
i've always used a pair of needle nose pliers, never had a problem.

yea who the hell would use any other pliers than those since they look awesome
i unwind the strings so they're only held on by the pins and then i put my hand inside the guitar and push them out using something hard cos it bloody hurts doing it wi just your fingers
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