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This isn’t simply
modern technology,
reality should still be near.
Yet I can’t help but think that
we’re near our self destruction.
Your Messiah can’t save you now,
and like all hope from our youth,
you fall from the edge of this life,
from following familiar footsteps.
So chin up, step up, do what you can
to make it through, until you face
with the fact this is your time,
your time to face the world
with this blastoise
of power.


I’ll bring you round before we’re through

I’ll teach you how all through the mind, mind mind mind it

Fix the smile in their mind

Just one laugh, ground two miles

Further over take a breath

Hold them there, one moment left

Their drawing close, here comes the road

Step careful down you must be sure, sure sure so sure

Out, step out, step on out

Your circular parade comes to

Awakening the force beneath

Modern techno-ology, gy-o

Lectric blue electric fire

Present pika chu-lectric-chu

Draw one out, taste their guilt

Electric shock, their mind is fixed




Parade disguise



Your circular-lar-lar


tonight, we'll see the light

can we please, as a culture, just move on?
modern technology doesn't justify
drinking. there's no cure. there's no cure.
teenage hipsters hitting the bottle like
there's no other way to save their lives.
and then they try to get home on their own.
'you're so slow' poke me. poke me. poke.

if that is all you can do then smoke
yourself to death. why don't you start a
revolution. take a breath. fill your
filthy lungs with air. just take a breath.

I was reading the newspaper today.
27/10/07 Teen dead after drinking methanol.
Woo! Yay! There we go again! And before
you know it, you're just another
stefan is banned. i'll try to get him in chat and ask if i can continue this.