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feathers under candle kings, yellow

oceans, & upstaged almond-layered

lights. like the blastoise and his

plaster-[scene] cannons, painted frown

and spray-tanned skin. like the madcap

over the face of a newly crowned widow

and her faded red finger-painted dress.

not even the children could fashion

a piece so full of unabashed emotion –

not that we’d want them to anyway.

we’re happy to force a smile and call

them the next Picasso, every single

one of them. and then we wonder why

the streets end up painted in blood…

modern technology never felt so


Confusius once said:

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

That man was always right.
For example:

I was walking through a conference of
modern technology and I came across
a device with a carapace or shell reminiscent
of the pokemon squirtle. It made me giggle
so I walked over to investigate it’s purpose.

aerodynamic rugby ball

Aerodynamic my ass I muttered as I started to touch it.


The wretched thing leaped out of my hand and went
on to whacking every single individual in the room.
When it slowed, everyone including myself, were
sprawled on the floor, blood seeping out of our wounds.
Suddenly, a small child with a swollen piece of face
stood up, kicked a man, and bellowed at him:

“For Christ sake Dad! I know your inventions are always a
bitter miss hit! But at least they don’t all slap you in the face.”

Joining The Light, Green Or Red, Pick Your Side....Forever Shall Be

You put lightning in my heart
Like Pikachu, your cute
Im Snowblind when im with you
And collapse when we say goobdye

I text you on my cell
Using Modern Tech. to show I care
Lay and bed and think of you
Sleepless nights are cold and dreary

Wake up to find its still the middle of the night
I curse hoping to make it through this time
Thinking of you I drift slowly away
And wake again to the pitch black night

Find myself staring blankly into the mist
'Sad face' as I think of us
I remember your shining smile
And once again my heart is sparke
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Quote by confusius
It was cut off.

I'll let you sort this out Stefan...

I knew it was you.
I just knew it.
I hope you get disqualified.

I like you.
Stefan just ****ed up again.
I guess.