Me and my band are all still in school but we've had a very successful run so far. Earlier in the year we won a compititon (ensembles of any kind, still under education in Wales) and came runner-up in another. We've also had some killer gigs getting us some good local publicity. It helps a lot that we have members who keep our web pages busy.

Anyway, we know that we're perfectly capable (entering the winter and holidays where lots more gigs will be up for grabs) of sticking it ourselves. We've got new material, new equipment and we're better than we were this time last year.

However we've been approached by another band of the area, also still in school who want to make some sort alliance. Help each other out getting gigs and such, doing gigs in colaboration. They mentioned that serious school bands like us need to stick together especially now the student bands are up and running.

Problem is - they're "refining" from heavy rock to funk and blues, which is our main style. Before hand we were the only funk/jazz/ska band around helping us stand out. Now it seems to me like they're simply trying to copy us in a way.

So my question is - do we stick with em (not to be ignorant but we'd help them more than they'd help us) or do we carry on as we are?

I'd really appreciate some help on this one, we don't have a clue what to do.
You could get a few gigs together and see how it goes, then decide from there.
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They just happen to be switching to the same style of music as you? Sounds like they're just trying to use you for recognition.
Have they been the same genre as you, or have they just switched? Another thing, are you serious, or are you playing music just for kicks? It shouldn't matter right now but later on you could become dependant on them and they could start to count on you for getting them gigs (as an example). Be friendly towards them but, I wouldn't "join up" with them.
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Why not? Play some shows together and have some fun
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Yes I'd say do it, get your own little local rock/funk/jazz/ska scene going on. All the bands at my school have each others backs. But our genres are different from each other.

I can only see posotives in this situation.

Even though its outside of your guys genre, bands like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday used to tour and play small gigs together when they were first starting out. Look how big they both are.
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It's good to link up with other bands. Like maybe advertise a few gigs for both bands, so you can bring your fans and their fans and maybe you will get a few more people interested in your music. I'm not saying you should go all out and merge your sets together (like NIN and Bowie on Dissonance tour) but it wouldn't hurt to play a few shows together, just my opinion.
Yeah, i'd say it's a good thing, like if you ever really need strings or to borrow some cables or something you could just go to them, but they'd expect the same.
absolutely it's a good thing. if you get to play in front of more people because of the alliance, then great. and if they open for you at your shows, they'll bring friends who will stay for your show.

if you're self-conscious and want to make sure you don't get shown up at your own game, just practice more and be a better band. As long as more people hear you, why the hell not, right?
I dunno about an 'alliance' persay, but definitely hook up with gigs with them. They may talk about doing it all the time, but in all seriousness it doesn't work out as often as you would like, unless they go on tour with you.

I'd say go for it. It's always good to get to play in front of another bands crowd and gain new fans. Same genres playing shows the same night will keep alot of the people around to catch the next act. It's always good to be in good with other bands.

Everytime I put a show together, I always stress to all of the bands to try to get their fans to stick around and hang out and watch the other bands, or to get there early. Tell them to hang out with the band they came to see before and after. I know all too often I see a big crowd for one band show up, and it totally sink to nothing for the next band. That is a sad day when people won't stay for the sake of music. If they hear like the 1st song, and they suck, it's understandable. But jetting before soundcheck even. Not cool. Anyway, enough of my 2 cents. Go for it, but don't sign any stupid 'alliance contract' or anything haha. That would be gay.