I know about the matched sets, but how many good combos are there for Seymour Duncan pickups, and what for? Would be dead handy to just have a list on here for anyone to look at & decide what they wanna grab. My logic, anyways, as I wanna start grabbing some but don't know where to start....
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it all depends on what music you play, and what tone/sound you're after, if you want something really metal, i'd go for an SH8 in the bridge, and then a 59 int he neck for those solos/smoother stuff (also good for versatility)
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I'd also put a 59' in the neck, as I have one in my Schecter that's pretty awesome. For the bridge I'd go with the SH-14 Custom 5. I just put one in my frankenstein, it's absolutely disgusting for tone, and picks up harmonics unbelievably. It all just comes down to what you're looking for. Good luck