Alright, so here it is, i have a Marshall MG15DFX as an amp, and its great, but i was wondering if anybody could tell me about any control settings to get certain kinds of sounds out of it, you know like combinations of Bass/Treble and gain levels, stuff like that, anyways that would be a huge help, thanks.
What kind of sound are you wanting?
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This goes for ALL amps. but have more MID than you think sounds good. Set your Hi to your desired level, i normally go about 7. Set your Low's lower than what sounds good to you. have it at maybe a 3 or 4. The Bass guitar will pick up the low end of the spectrum. Now... have your Mids set higher than you like, then push them one more notch. Trust me on this. basically im just keeping you from having too much bass. its a common mistake many guitar players make.
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Guys thanks for your help, but all is good now, i found a great website that gives you the manual of different amps and inside there are some "suggested settings" all you need to know is your amp model, here it is for anybody who wants to use it.


(Thats just for marshall amps)
heres the homepage