alright, i know that this question has probably been asked before, and i did search for it, but i didnt really get a straight answer. Im in the market for a new guitar and have narrowed my choice down to an SG, but now im wondering if it would be a better idea so save some money and go with an epi sg, or is the extra money for a gibson really worth it? thanks in advance for the advice
every guitar plays different. even comparing 2 gibson sg's side by side, you will see a notable difference.

id say play some, and buy the exact one you like. forget the brand, and focus on the axe.
people say a lot about the quality between Epiphone and Gibson guitars, and statistically a Gibson might look better, but the big thing is, go play some guitars, go find one you like the sound and feel of, thats the only way your going to know what you want, not just posting questions here, because most of the people here just believe what they hear, and what they hear is that Gibsons are the best.
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