Do NOT TRY to sing like Cobain if you dont have a voice like his. Just sing it in a normal voice.

And lose that wacky underwater effect.
I like it and I think the vocals are pretty good but if it was me I use a tad less gain or trim on the vox or what ever was used to "pump it up". It would sound a little more organic and I think the vocalist is capable of Kurt's vocal style sans fx. If anything is flawed it's the creepy midi backing. Good job.
If you lose the fx, it would sound pretty cool.
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Not bad. I can't say I like the drums much though, and it doesnt sound like the vocals were recorded very well.
thanks usually its impossible to get replies on here good or bad... but yeah i dont know how many time youve said dont sing like kurt so sorry... but i think im gonna redo the vocals and get rid of the effect and i agree the backing track is weird but its all i got lol.