Back again

I listen to iron maiden, black label society, divine heresy, gammaray, journey, ac/dc, judas priest, iron horse (blue grass), red hot chili peppers (for some funk), mountain for some bluesy tone, kansas, like everything under the sun guys

So my combo i put together was a Fender Blues Jr. with an Electro Harmonix English Muff'n, if someone could give me opinions on both of these products that would be superb.
the english muffin seems better suited for more vintage tones. Early Preist and AC/DC is right up its alley but Divine Heresy and the like are a little too intense. I reccomend checking out the visual sound jeckle and hyde, I will admitt I havent used it but its supposed to be fanstastic.
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!