ive gotten my new guitar set up for the first time, picked it up today, and it sucked. it was exactly the same, only the action is higher, and the pickups are lower. he says he sets them up to buzz unplugged but be clean plugged in. i get home, find out it still buzzes plugged in, and distorted i cant get anything without vibrating strings and feedback. my guitar also cant pick up pinch harmonics anymore. i have never gotten a setup i actually like, so whats the point? and think this guys full of BS? im also screwed because my other guitar is there right now..
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For a start raise the pickups a little closer to the strings. Don't go mad though, otherwise the magnetic field will suck your guitar's sustain. You should be able to get a thin plectrum between the string and the pickup whilst fretting the strings at the highest fret.

I can't be bothered writing an article on setup since this question's been answered loads of times before. Instead I refer you to Project Guitar where you'll find all the resources you need to have a pop yourself!