Hi I was thinking about getting a martin guitar and figured that there are not many

guitars that come with a pickup, so the range of selection is quite limited when

compared to the guitars without pickups.

So I was looking to buy one under $3000 and thinking about DC-28E

The model comes with a fishman ellipse aura pickup.

so is it really wiser to get not pre installed one or is DC-28E good enough?

Thank you
Get the built in one. It should be a damn good pickup for a guitar that your spending a lot of money on. The main time when it is advisable to buy a pickup later and install it is at the cheaper end where your likely to get a ****ty guitar and a ****ty pickup if you buy an acoustic electric. Once you get to the (roughly) $500 mark theres not as much to worry about, and when you get to the $1000 mark theres absolutely nothing to worry about