The vocals aren't right. Sometimes they're a little unpredictable. They'll be sounding okay, then suddenly, where are they? ...and then they come screaming out suddenly. Also in the chorus the fast parts are much too fast. And you're right about the solo. It just doesn't fit, in some parts I think you paused a little too long and had to rush. Other than that it's not bad.
1. how are you playing the main riff? the guitar riffage is good, except that your tone is a bit too fuzzed out. It's not as crisp as Dime's somehow.

2. note that i said the riffage is good... I'm forced to assume that you were joking with that solo. work on your technique pleeeeease.

3. couldn't hear the bass lol

4. drums... solid for the most part, 'cept what was he thinking with that crap when the singer is singing "what it takes, who i am, etc." smack whoever's idea that was and fix it.

5. Kill your singer. and all of you should be singing the RE-SPECT! WALK! part. It's way more badass. and if your recording... layering FTW
thanks guys! yeah the solo needs work for sure,

im playing the main riff in drop d as

Most of the stuff has been covered...
More Bass
Fix your guitar sound
Get a new singer, or tell him to stop trying to sound like Phil because hes just well.. bad.
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I play guitar long then half the people here .. and I suck double as much

EDIT: on the guitar
EDIT EDIT: in playing with my guitar
ya i cant hear the bass at all, the vocals arent great but I'm sure they could get better with more practicing. Other then that it was pretty solid. Can you crit min? its in my sig.
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thanks guys! yeah the solo needs work for sure,

im playing the main riff in drop d as


aha i thought so. play it like this:

0 0 1b 1 0

If you just bend a half-step on the 1st fret then release it, it sounds a lot more sinister. good luck
i think i want to cry.

vocals are very bad, sound like he didn't try. the solo was really off, and the drums were okay until the the Prechorus thing.
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Besides what everyone else had said (especially the singer, he really is that bad, at least at that song) I think the biggest irk for me was the guitar tone. Dime's tone was very tight and concise, whereas the one on the recording was like a loose, fuzzy wall of noise. I dunno, I just kind of felt like it was a joke cover.
to all the people commenting on the tone, my gear is a boss metal zone through a marshall MG. its the best sound i can get : \
LOL This is the funniest thing i have ever heard.
Please burn your singer with fire before he starts again.
Sorry but phail.




shoot the drummer and kill the vocals. Honestly? It was better on mute.
sorry c4c
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