I am going to buy a G-400 in ebony, and I just wanted to know how good it is and if there is anything wrong or if its a good choice for a second guitar thanks
I'll answer as The Pit I guess is for anything.

It's probably the best Epiphone SG, other than limited edition/custom ones.
It actually feels and plays rather decently and doesn't sound too bad

For the price, it's a great guitar.
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g-400... pretty good guitar... you have to try it out before hand(that goes without saying)... but at this low of a price range you would be able to get much more quality for 50 or 100 bucks more imho
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i wouldnt buy a SG why?

1) the body is really unbalanced when standing you will have to keep your hand on the fretboard or else it will smack into the ground

Biggest myth ever.
It's a pretty unremarkable, mediocre guitar. Poor electronics and pickups. Not a bad guitar, but there are better guitars in the price range.

If you are married to the shape of the G400, I suggest getting a Samick Torino TR2. Pretty much a better guitar cross the board, with a more balanced body.

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Biggest myth ever.

My first guitar was a G400, and the headstock would fall to the floor if you didn't grab the neck.
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epiphone rules.
gibson rules harder, but they're waaayy overpriced.

i have the '66 g-400 and it's a really good guitar. yes, it is neck heavy but doesn't take hardly anything to keep it up. the pups aren't the best, but they're not so bad you need to change them. overall its a really good guitar for a great price.