i would like to know what guitar strings my guitar is using..they're 9's but i want to switch to 10's or something. the end (the colored part that keeps it in the bridge) is gold looking but i dont know what strings these are. i like them because they feel really smooth on my fingers and easy on the picking hand (don't use a pick sometimes).

if you know of better strings that would also be helpful. Thanks!

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Lots of string manufacturers use the gold ends. I only know of D'Addario that do anything different - they assign different colours to each string. And they feel pretty nice. Rotosounds are also good strings - I'm using those at the moment.
Which guitar are you talking about? If the strings are originally what came with the guitar, best bet would be to check with the manufacturer to see what they use.
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Are the ends circular or bullet shaped??
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the ends are circular. when i meant already on it i meant the owner put them..its a '98..i highly doubt it's still fender's.

another thing is the G isn't wound like E A and D.

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^ That's normal for electric guitar strings. Until you get to 12s, you don't really see wound G strings. Best thing to do is just get a couple of different sets and try them out, then decide which you want to stick with.