"Ghetto Got Rhythm"

Should be at the top of the music list.

This is just a some track I made, I simply made a drum loop, improv-ed a bass line to it and layered the rest on top - ended up with this track, weighing in at a mere 2:06 im sure it wont hurt you guys to give it a quick listen! Thanks!

Comments, questions, suggestions and critique welcome!

PS - the 'Ghetto' is the nickname given to my current halls of residence at university/college
I like the bass a lot, it sounds really funky. The trumpets or whatever that is sounds pretty cool. The guitar part is cool. Really funky and fits well with all of the other parts. I like the way you kind of slowly add parts to the mix. I think it would be cool to have a variation in there to change it up a bit and make the song longer. I like it a lot though.

PS- i think its funny that your hall is called the ghetto...haha

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The bass is so awesome... I wish i could come up with bass lines like that. Damn its already getting stuck in my head. Very nice

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