So, last night me and my dad made a home-made pizza.

It was all good: italian sausage, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, olives, mushrooms, jalapenos, green/yellow peppers, mozerella and parmesian cheese, and onions. But then my dad mentions a "secret ingrediant." Of course I ask what it is, and he says "Anchovies," so I tell him not to put any on my half of the pizza because I hate fish. Well. He puts the anchovies all over the pizza, then, he puts more stuff on top of it so I can't see what pieces have anchovies on them.

Last night I avoided the anchovies. But I got home from school today, and the first thing I did was grab a slice of pizza. I added more parmesian cheese and heated it up, then added some cayenne red pepper. I get to my desk and start eating.

There's a weird taste.

I remember the anchovies.

I freaking hate anchovies. They ruined a perfectly amazing pizza. I'm mad. So very very mad. =(

What do you all think of anchovies?
They're fine. Quit complaining.
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I've never tried them. But they can't be that bad.
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You put a LOT of stuff on your pizza.

What ever happened to good ol' pepporoni?
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did you and your dad join in sexual congress after such a romantic meal? or did he kick you out of your house for not appreciating anchovies?
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These anchovies weren't even salty. It was just an annoying flavor that should NOT be on a pizza. And I have to say... Looking at bones jutting out all over your pizza/fork isn't that appetizing.