Lets say that you crash onto a deserted island with 4 other people you dont know. You have an abundace of everything at your feet. A forest, plants, animals, freshwater lakes, etc. There are no laws, rules, or authority. How would you act?

EDIT: keep in mind that you dunno when/if you will ever be rescued
I would masturbate a whole lot.
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Everything I say is to be taken as serious fucking business.
....Is one of them a hot chick? And do I have guitars?

If so I don't really care about being rescued.
i'd wait for the script writers to make it a completely absurd plot involving me, some random computer bunker and a button. not press the button. eat some cake. drink some beer.

and then probobally do the hokey kokey.
i would try to find out everyone level of expertise on outdoor survival, from i have been caping when i was younger to i am an EX-SAS meber, then if i had the highist level of skill i would delagate easy tasks to the rest i.e find fire wood.....then i would set about making a shelter for us all then, find some standing dead wood and make a fire bow/drill get a fire going and take it from there
how dumb am i. Why did I ever expect some serious answers from the pit?

if anyone was wondering, this is for a poll-type thing for a project