So used to, I would just type a word like "Ultimate-Guitar" in the url bar, and it would do a google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search and take me here. Or to any place like that. Now, ever since I updated Yahoo! messenger, it just does a search to yahoo. I've searched all my addons, I've completely ridded my pc of the mozilla folder, and I've redownloaded/reinstalled it. Still it persists to annoy me with Yahoo! search. I hate Yahoo! search. I'm a Google fanatic, and would like it back to the way it was. Can anyone help me fix this?
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Have you got rid of Yahoo! Messenger and re-installed? That may be the problem from the sounds of it.
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Sounds like a default search selection has been changed. Check our search options in firefox. Generally those type of configurations would be stored in C:\documents and settings\your-name-here\Application Data\Mozilla failing those two options I would look at yahoo messenger settings and see if you can change default search engine.


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