I have plans for about 11 verses here, I've so far got two, so obviously this is only the beginning of the song/poem. Also, this is just a draft of it, any useful comments I'll take into account and I'll update it, so keep checking back every so often.


They came in their thousands
Unidentified until it hit
They swarmed down from the highlands
Unnoticed upon the moonlit valleys
They camped unseen in the woodlands
Forgotten in their five years lurking

When they rose forgotten we weren't prepared
With burning towns upon the lakes they declared
And to war we went, paired up and we ran together
And what did cannot be undone, the terror

They fought as cavemen, and we as fools
If you stick to that writing style and do The Sword style Vocals and instruments, you could be onto something Epic.
Heh, thanks. I'm gonna try and write some more tonight, then we'll see how I go from there. It's actually inspired by Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden, and it should have a touch of reference to Falling Away With You by Muse before the end.