so im in a bass choosing crisis here........

i have a very small budget and stuff so
im gettin an 280$ 300W amp but i wanna new bass too....

heres the infooo

ive got a 600$ budget (minus the 280 for the amp)
i play alternative .punk(less than jake/rancid stuff so i REALLY like bright tones).hard rock/rock ..Red hot chili peppers :] witch means lots of slap bass and a bit of blues/jazz

i really want something light wieght and easy to move around with too.....

i ve been playing for a year and 4 months. .

heres the choises
a niffty les paul bass

or this sexy P

imput? suggestions?


what does this have to do with a witch bass? lol

I personally like the squire, simply because im not a huge fan of gibson basses, but they both look good at least.
I do recommend you try them both out first if at all possible, but for slapping I definitely love my p bass.
that les paul bass is the complete opposite of everything you asked for, it's not light weight, it's not exactly slapable and it's not bright sounding,

my advice would be buy a jazz bass, they are THE slap basses, don't listen to the musicman fanboys they don't know what they are on about

and a squier jazz bass won't cost any more than the p bass you're looking at, and the equivilant jazz to that p has an entirely maple construction so it'll will be bright sounding
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sweet man thanks for the info :]

i dunno i really need to try em

i really dont want a "beggining players bass" bass

i need to go to a guitar center
I'd advice not to get a warlock
you might get disowned from your covenant.
(sorry, I wanted to make a witchcraft joke that was relevant to bass.)

I don't really like P-basses
(and gibson bodies bother me)
I like jazz basses though
The vintage modified jazz is a really good bass for it's price (you will hardly know it is a squire if it is set up well) and I personally would pick j basses over p basses for my overall favorite. My current P bass is a bit better for slap than my J bass, but it'd if that's universal across the board or just how mine are set up.
would that be the Wicked Witch of the West? 'cause she's no bass player!! she is obviously a guitar player(you can tell by the nails and the Ego)). now Wanda, the good Witch, would definitly play a Jazz Bass. and for what your looking for in sound, you should too!!
no go on that LP, check out a Squire vintage modified

what amp are you getting for 280 thats 300 watts, and is this your first bass/amp, because if so there is no way you will need 300 watts, and if you're getting an amp for that price its more than likely behringer, and with that kind of money, and that need, you can get a much nicer amp, smaller, but much nicer, something you will need that won't have a muddy tone
dude dont buy new amps.
leave that for midlifecrisis guys who
make a lot of money but never got
to be a rockstar

go on ebay and look for an amp.

i waited like a couple weeks looing at
ebay every day

i ended up with a crate BXH220 head with
the matching crate bt410 cabinet
its an amazing amp and i got it for
no shipping cause it was local
the guy drove it to my house in the next couple hours for free

as for the bass...
definitly go with the squire vintage jbass or whatever
the one with natural finish and geddylee jazz bass wannabe neck inlays...

the les paul bass is a piece of s***