I've got some songs/rifts that I'd like to record to put onto my pc.

I'd like to go through like, amp through like a pod (something like that) then into my pc since it's much better quality recordings (I think?). What programs/software/hardware do I need to do this?

Does anyone know any good drum programs?

I just need like someone to write how I need to go about it, like start to finish.

You will need a cable that allows you to plug into your soundard. It has to have a 1/4 inch jack for the amp or pod output, and a 1.8 inch jack to go into the line in of your soundcard. I would use Audacity as a recording program (it's free to download).

When you are recording, make sure that "line in" is turned up on windows volume control, and that you select "line in" in Audacity.

Search Hydrogen on google for a good drum program.
What i used to use is a program called goldwave. Its free and its like pretty easy to use. Search it on google.

Now i use GuitarTracks pro and that was like 20 bucks or somethin. so if you wanna get a nice recording program for like multiple tracks get guitar tracks.

but for a free basic recording program i'd say goldwave.
A great program for a PC is Audacity. It is free, and easy to use. It has many of the major features of Garage band. The best way to go about this is to download the program, and buy some equipment. What you will need is either a cable with 1/4" on one end and 1/8" on the other, enabling you to plug your amp, or pod, directly into the microphone jack of the computer, or buy a cable with 1/4" on one end and USB on the other. You can find this at Super Target and possibly other major stores. On the program, you select the input to be either mic or USB, and it will register right in. All of the details to get the right input volume and output volume can be figured out on the program just by playing around with it.

I know of two good programs to write drum tracks. One is simply guitar pro or any other .midi file program. If you listen to the drum tracks on the mp3s i have, you can hear a .midi drum track. Alone it is obviously fake, but mixed with everything else it sounds just fine. The other program which I find to be useful is FL Studio. All you have to do is transcribe the track, and record it's playback, or convert it to mp3 and import it to audacity. In order to record a midi file directly onto Audacity (Since the import .midi file feature does not work yet) you can do one of two things. Either select the input on the program to be stereo(i believe) which will make the input come from the system, so in other words you hit record on audacity and press play on the drum track and it will record. Or you can use a 1/8" cable to connect the headphone jack and microphone jack together, so it will record the output.

Ask for any further questions.