I'm experimenting with genres lately, now I'm trying symphonic Avant garde music, beats, effects, electronic elements and symphonic instruments overall..

The violin is played by me and it gives a distinguished taste to the whole song despite it's short length.

I hope you enjoy it, it's called "Orsa de terminus" which means Beginning of the end in Latin and you can find it by clicking my username..

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i love the violin. it really adds to the song. the choirs were really cool in this. piano was great, especially when the time changed. guitar was pretty sweet, but i dig how you can let it not dominate the song. i don't think i could unless i replaced it with bass. thanks you for recording that for me. i love your music.
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Dude thats really good! I really like how you put everything together, the choir, the piano, the violins, the guitar. It all sounds so good. It sounds like something in a war movie, its cool. I think at some parts there is almost too much going on, and maybe you need to make it more simplistic. Its awesome tho, very different. two thumbs up.

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Thanks, it sounded empty and dry without all the effects so that's why I put so many stuff..

I'll comment back as soon as I get home.. I'm at my university now.. Cheers.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
i dont really see how thats avant garde at all. but it was really cool.
maybe im jsut used to avante garde jazz.