does the mesa f-50 have enough distortion for hi-gain stuff such as death metal and pantera and unearth kind of stuff?
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i think that depends on how you like to play it. i think it has just enough ot pull off metallica type stuff and sound great. too much gain kills the tone, IMO. i have an express 5:50 (replacement for the f50) and it's got plenty of distortion for me, and i like to play lamb of god and stuff.

you're not going to get triple rect tone out of that amp, but it will sound good. i tell you this, put a friggin pedal like hte krank distortus maximus or a metal muff and you're going to get killer metal tone.
acutally, i'd go with that and a maxon OD808 for hi-gain stuff.
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+1, that'll do the job nicely.
The Carl Martin Rock Drive is my current fave for overdrive, give that a go too.

But the F series was modelled on the Dual Caliber, which was in turn modelled on the Dual Recto's Lead and MkIV cleans...so yeah, it does a pretty good recto impression!