I am now trying to learn Andy Mckee's "For My Father," and the tuning is ECDGAD w/ capo on 3rd. I tuned it to that, but I'm worried about tuning up and down a lot between standard and this while I'm playing other songs in standard.. is there anyway around this.. any other combination with a different area where the capo could go to reach the same tuning that won't require me to go so high up?

I don't know the answer to your question but I know what you mean about being unsure of tuning.

But tuning that A all the way up to C nearly made me shit a chicken. Would have killed someone had it snapped. Plus when I got it that high it felt like it was a solid metal rod, not string. Was that tight.

And it made my guitar sound god-awful. Sounded so stretched. Like it was struggling to play.

Needless to say I'm never tuning to that again!

Edit: I'm not sure but if you tune everything lower in order to relieve the strain on the A string, and move the capo up the neck accordingly, the strings you downtuned in the first place (the E for example) would get so loose you'd probably start buzzing all over the place.
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I mean I could do DA#CFGC with capo on first but damn thats low for the high E and b... ugh. Damnit andy.. your beautiful music is so hard to tune!
Gice it a try. Like I said you might end up with strings with absolutely no tension but hey! Doesn't hurt to try. And I wouldn't leave it in really funny tunings for too long anyway. Generally if I EVER tune to something like that (once a year maybe) I tune back straight after deciding it's crap.
wehn i do gigs i play alot of tunings in standard and i have another guitar already in that tuning so i can play rylynn and for my father straight away. Im concerned as Clapton Wannabe says about leaving it in a tuning with alot of tension on the neck!
I leave one of my guitar In ECDGAD tuning it up to C is the biggest worry but tunning hign B and E down down one tone each must help even out the tension?