So I went to Guitar Center to buy a pack of strings because one broke on my guitar (and it was due anyways) so I went to Guitar Center to buy a pack (thats all I had money for) and I just got home all ready to put them on.

So I open the pack and there are only 5 ****ing strings in the pack. I'm so ****ing pissed off right now. I havent played my guitar in 3 days and now I'm going to have to wait for the ****ing weekend to buy another pack. ****ING **** MOTHER ****ER! I'm so angry right now.
Do you have any friends that play guitar? They may let you have/borrow a pack.

Dude, that sucks. I know how you feel about not being able to play your guitar. I haven't played in over a week. My guitar is in the shop. :/
Dean Markley Alchemy Light Strings 11-52

I love these strings too and I was looking forward to get my old cheap ones off and using these.
No friends around here .

I'm taking the pack back this weekend (just called) but I'm borrowing some money from my parents to head over to a closer guitar shop to buy a cheap pack of Martins I guess
Um, go back and exchange it?

EDIT: Never mind, you already said that...sorry .