The Christmas season is right around the corner and my parents have asked for a Christmas list. Right now my current gear (see my signature) is not giving me the big metal punch I need. I do have a Zoom505, but it even with that on... it sounds so ****ty and digital, just does NOT cut it for me anymore, I made some good classic rock, blues, or funky delay patches with it, that I use, but for metal, it sucks D**K.

Been looking at the Line 6 Uber Metal, first it looked intriguing, but there's so many more out there... If you're reading this and had some experience with the pedal or others that sound better than the Uber Metal, i'd like some suggestions. I've been looking at the Krank Distortus Maximus too, it's twice as expensive... but must be for some reason right?

Anything that'll sound good on a 15-watt Behringer, and won't sound like digital crap is good for me.

PS> Incase you're wondering, I'm probably gonna wait another two years or so before getting a better amp, I don't have a job yet, and this little amp suites me well, I just need something that'll give me good metal distortion.
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Wait it out until you've got the money for a new amp. Make it work for the time being. If you don't want to wait, get an EQ pedal. You'll even be able to use it with the new amp you get down the road.
I like the Line 6 Uber Metal a lot. It has a lot of variations (6 knobs), plus a great noise gate. I tried the ProCo RAT, Muffs, Boss, etc., and I liked the Uber the best. It also had the most gain. But preferences on this stuff varies WIDELY. I STRONGLY suggest you go to a guitar store and try some out for yourself.

P.S. Also, buying a better amp instead is ALWAYS a good idea, too.
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mi audio crunch box. hand made, boutique, true bypass, insane. I have a metal muff as well and its great too.
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