Hey im currently in the search for a new guitar and have chosen a gibson les paul. Should i get a classic antique or a standard? The standard is more expensive but i don't understand why, because the antique has everything the standard has if not more and imo i think it looks better. If you could let me know what exactly the difference is and what experiences you have had with the guitars it would be greatly appreciated

Purely costmetic. Honestly, save yourself $1000 and buy a studio (white with gold hw looks pretty nice). It is the exact same as a standard, but without the pretty top.
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Aww, hard choice. I'm not keen on the greenish tint of the inlays on the classic, but I love the exposed pickup look on the Classic.
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Purely costmetic. Honestly, save yourself $1000 and buy a studio (white with gold hw looks pretty nice). It is the exact same as a standard, but without the pretty top.


No, it's not.
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the studio and the standard also have different pickups, the ones on the standard are far better too.

the classic antique actually looks pretty good, and i own a standard so i know they're awesome. try both guitars out for yourself and see which one you like better.
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I don't hear many bad things about the Classic. Although, I would still suggest to try them out first. I say, if you like it... buy it.

Oh, and on the record... the Studio is NOT like the Classic or Standard. They aren't even near as good in general.
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The Studio shouldn't even be an option. #2 com grade wood off-cuts? No thanks.

Anyway, the reason why the CA costs so much less than the Standard is simply because you've got less options with it, and it's cheaper for them to make. In terms of tech spec, there's no huge reason to choose one of the other, it just comes down to your personal preference of neck profile/finish/pickup tonality.
When I was looking for a LP I narrowed the choices down to the same: classic or standard. The studio was not a consideration.

IMO, for the numerous guitars of each type that I played, the standard was the better guitar (the sound was more full), but not for the price difference.

I've had my classic for about 2 years now and I have no regrets with the purchase - it's a great guitar! (but it weighs a ton)
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No, it's not.

My thoughts exactly.
But Gibson claims that the pickups on the classic are wound hotter than their other models. For me when I was shopping for a gibson the first one I tried out was a classic and I was kinda dissapointed for some reason or another then I played a standard and it jumped all over me. Really I don't think there's any big difference imo you just go with whatever inspires you individually.
Classic pickups are alnico 490t and something (can't remember the exact numbers/letters). Standard's have that awesome Gibson Burstbucker tone.

Also, don't get a studio. On paper, it sounds like a good deal, but most of them I've played are insanely crappy. It feels like it was half made. There were some where it looked like the wood on the fretboard was sanded down. Also, somehow the Studio models feel stickier and grimier, but maybe that's just me.