"Let it Bleed" new original is up...i also have a posting in the covers section for panteras walk. Both can be found at myspace.com/takingthisbattle

please feedback!
Really bad tone and recording quality. I dont like the switching between the channels, its just annoying. It sounds alot like the song rock and roll by led zeppelin. Wow the vocals are BADDD! just stop singing please. The guitar is bland, the intro is the best part when there is not singing. Its repetitive. The solo is quite good! Overall the song is ok... the solo and the intro are pretty good.

Please comment back: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=704912
thanks, yeah the quality is pretty bad, its actually 2 guitars and not switching channels. The reason for that "underwater" sound is because the rhythm guitar is plugged into the CD input of the lead guitars amp.

Edit: Also your link doesn't work, can you PM it to me or repost it? thanks