well, a few weeks ago I was having problems with wiring my custom V. It was a grounding problem and turned out that I was missing the bridge ground wire. Everything has been swell since last night. I picked it up to play it and I plugged it in and then it started buzzing. I am 100% positive everything is connected and soldered and just to make sure I resoldered everything today. My wires are **** and are lots of small wire soldered together and have duct tap on them, but why did it work fine for a few weeks and now suddenly buzz again? I know it is a ground issue b/c it is doing the same thing before I put the bridge ground wire on. Can wires just "go bad"?

I am buying a new humbucker tommorow and new wires but does anyone have a clue as to what is causing the buzz? I can still play my guitar I just have to hold the strings or pot to make it not buzz.

also, what style and gauge wire is best for wiring guitars so I know what to buy?

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Like I said before, buy proper wire. It's cheap. Any wire will do, try to find some thin though.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.