From left (his left) to right...
Top - Two white Boss pedals. Probably a tuner and a delay pedal. Boss Chorus. Power supply.
Bottom - Two pedals, probably just amp switches or a/b boxes. Ibanez Tubescreamer. Boss Compressor. Ibanez Weeping Demon.

That should cover all of them.
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I see a weeping demon wah, the one next to the pedal power looks like a boss chorus of some kind. The one next to the dark blue boss pedal (which might be a CS-3) looks like a tubescreamer. The one next to the chorus looks like it has blue knobs (I'm using my photo editor), so it looks like a boss delay.
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Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah -> Boss CS-3 -> Ibanez TS-808. I can't tell what the last two boxes are. At the top of his board, I see three Boss pedals in a row but the lighting makes it hard to figure out what is what. From the looks of it - Boss CE-5 -> Boss Delay (either DD-3 or DD-6) -> I can't make out the last one just by the rubber on the footswitch. If I had to guess, I'd say it's either a Boss TU-2 or another Boss Delay.
I see a weeping demon wah, a Boss compressor, a Tube Screamer, a Boss Chorus Ensamble, probably a boss delay and tuner are the white boxes in (his) upper left.

I see a pedal power, and then lastly, 2 unknown small pedals to his bottom left. Probably some sort of AB or FX send box.

PS: I thoght the blue one was a BD-2 Blues Driver, but I see the white knob tops, so it has to be a compressor. Boss.
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