I have a black Yamaha APX500, and it is probably one if the nicest acoustics I've picked up in my opinion. Who else here has one, do you like it? Do you hate it? I want to see what people think about APX500's.

My friend was going to get it, but he had like 100 bucks, and I had 800, so I went and bought it. And before I bought he said it sounded really nice. Then when I got it he played mine and said it sounded like ****. lol.

Then he went and bought a 200 dollar MRW hollowbody and said it was better then mine. In my opinion, I think the APX500 is alot nicer and nicer sounding than his lol.

So what do you think about the APX500?

I just got a CPX900. I tried the APX and though the small body feels nice and is very comfortable I felt it lacked tone compared the bigger CPX. Having said that if you are playing it plugged in it makes little difference.
I bought an APX 500 recently after selling an APX4A a while back and wishing I hadn't. The APX500 is the new version of the APX4A. I love these guitars, so easy to play, great sounds, and an in built tuner, great guitar. Hope you enjoy playing yours as much as I enjoy playing mine.
Hey, the more expensive it is, the better the quality, you truly get what you pay for.

I had the pleasure of playing the apx when I was taking lessons at yamaha, downtown.

Such crisp tone, always a pleasure to play, especially if you're into justin king style stuff