for christmas this year my mom said she would get me a new guita to replace my squier strat.but we are on a kinda tight budget this year.so do you guys think i should go for a epiphone lp thats 400 dollars and not get anything else or get an agile al-2000 and a few other small things(tuner,slide,picks,strings,etc) I am leaning towards the agile becasue of the epiphones ive tried out everyone of them was uncomfrotable to play.i will go to gc and test out some more epi's and i already have a few friends who own al-2000 so i can test them out .but i was just wandering which one lasts longer and which is a better buy in the long run.(if it helps i play alot of classic rock and i occasionaly play some metal and blues)

thanks in advanced for help
Those guitars have kinda thick necks, and squiers can have pretty small ones. You may not like em.

Be sure to try out some mexican fender stratocasters too. They are always worth looking at.
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What amp do you have now?

The Agiles have thinner necks than the Epiphones.
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i have a fender princeton 65 pro from the 80's i like to play alot of cleaner stuff with some wah,phaser etc but i also play alot of pantera,black label society,Sabbath and so on so i want a reasonably versatile guitar and if worse comes to worse i would end up wanting the guitar that is better with distortion if neither are very versatile.
edit: i really dont mind a thick neck because i will eventualy grow to like it but the thinner the better which is one of my reasons im leaning towards the agile.i havent done enough info yet to be sure though. good thing christmas is more than a month a way 8)
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Agile ftw. It'll blow the epi outta the water.
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