Hi, im thinking of buying a line 6 toneport ux1 because I need something cheap that can record my band. I don't know much about recording but I want to understand exactly what the toneport does. Basically, what i belive to be true is that you plug your guitar into the toneport which plugs into your PC and then you just play from there without an amp and let the computer do the work?

-Does your computer have to have a nice sound card?

-Will a bad soundcard effect the quality of sound?

-What about micing amps and drums? Don't you need a bunch of mics to mic drums, how will I do it if there are't enough input slots on the toneport?

sorry about so many questions, I just want to understand this product before I buy it. Thanks!
I have the toneport Ux2 which is like the older brother of the UX1, mine is awesome, if you want to hear recordings I've done of it, click the solo project link in my sig and everything there is done with it. You are correct on the order of how it goes, guitar>toneport>computer

1) Your computer's soundcard doesn't matter as the toneport plugs into the USB port

2) Again, the soundcard shouldn't affect sound at all

3) I think the UX1 has a mic input, you would plug a mic in there to record an amp....with drums it's a lot worse because you need 4-8 mics for a good recording...I used to use a mixer which then went into my line 6.

I would recommend getting the UX2 because it supplies phantom power to mics which means you can use condensor mics...you can't do that with the UX1, you might also want to look at the new Toneport UX8 which has 8 mic inputs.

I hope that helped you out some.
can the ux2 record drums?

i thought only the ux 8 could

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