I think he'll stop now that it has so much attention, then TP that guy to death
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If your girlfriend's having sex at 13, she's a dirty dirty whore. And if you're having sex at 14, you're a dirty dirty...pimp.

Looking for a drummer in the Detroit, MI area
PM if interested!

Uhhhhh.... wow.... don't municipal officers have something more to worry about than what they shall wipe their asses with after a lunch break ****?
i*[∂/∂t]*Ψt = -[∇^2]/2*(Ψt) (unitless form)

Almost as convenient as Wikipedia, but infinitely more hipster, Dover.

Whoever it is is an idiot.

But still a badass.

He probably has a house full of toilet paper.
Theres a conspiracy afoot, or apoop.

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