I've got a great bag, but it has a really stupid picture/slogan printed on it. At first I just slapped a sticker on it and that worked for a few months, but it fell off. It's too big to be covered with pins, but not that big. I've thought of sewing a patch over top, but is there anything else I could do to mask it?
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a patch sounds like the best idea
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yeah i was gonna reccomend sewing a patch on it.

easy way to wask things, i do stuff like that all the time, wear a shirt over a cool colored shirt but has a dumb picture on it, that kinda thing.

probly cause i buy **** at value village.

yeah patch is great idea, or if its just like screen printing ink theres a possibility you could scrape it off, but that requires patience and effort.
What's it say anyways?

But yea, patch.
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