Hey, I recently got an Ibanez XPT-700, or Xiphos. I love it, but I've come across a huge problem with it. Whenever I tune it, I basically have to "unlock" it, and so obviously that takes a bit of time. But I'll get it all tuned up and everything, but as soon as I "relock" it, it's way out of tune. I'm talking whole steps out of tune, not just a slight bit. So, I don't really know what could be causing this problem, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

This is most likely something that is my fault, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to gear and everything, so I'm probably doing something wrong.
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I dont know what your guitar uses but my Ibanex S520EX has a ZR tremolo, and at the bridge there are little round fine tuners. You turn these when you "lock" the strings in place in case the tuning went a bit off or if you want to change tunings without "unlocking" the strings.
Yeah, mine has the same thing, but even when I use those to tune it, it goes right out. It's really strange...
When the clams go in to lock the strings, the pressure brings the strings out of tune. Thats what the find tuners are for. You might be over tightening the nut locks if they are going that much out of tune.
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okay i have the same bridge as you on a rgt but anyway...
did you stretch the strings properly?
casue you really need to stretch them properly on floating trem guitars...