I’m in a forest of fire
I’m in a forest of fire
Believe what people will get you into
I’m so ****ed up right now
Take the mask off of your face
And tell me what’s to be afraid of!

I’m lost in this forest of fire
Save my skin until we get here
I’m lost in the fiery pupils of your eyes
Trying to survive until my final breath

Don’t force the world to be what you are
Step in every direction
The chance is for the taking

Now drop to the ****ing ground and surrender
The fire of the forest is just ash upon the ground
Now take the hand that feeds you
And the one who will redeem you will be found

I’ve found my way out of this forest of fire
I’ve been saved and my skin is not burned
I have found my way out of your eyes
And the new person in me has been overturned


Wake me up
From what is left today
Dark clouds leave a shadow on my face
Can’t change what’s soon to happen
People will mourn their last breath

A murder a day keeps the doctor away
(A murder a day keeps the doctor away)
Blood drips from what we face is hell
A tale never to be told
Expression like stone
To see the face of all evil
Just leave it alone!

A murder a day keeps the doctor away
(A murder a day keeps the doctor away)

It never seems real to die alone
Their lives are lost to leave their home
The past will be forgotten
Not one last word
The past will be forgotten


Enslave the apes of society
Flaccid and unused for eternity
Voices echo from the hill
But no one’s there to hear it

Hear the words that we speak
For no one knows our language
Rip the tongues from goats
Leave the children alone!

A fire’s ablaze!
Put it out with the saliva of a sailor’s mouth
Watch your tone, you’ll make the cap’n mad!
Lightning strike, I see it in your eyes
Don’t try to hide it, you’ll get us all killed!

No food to feed
The mouths of hungry souls
We’re all starving anyways
Walk the monotonous plank, for you know it’s your time, swine!

Like ****in animals!
Split your rations!
For abdominal sickness and in health!

Hide your eyes
From what’s to come
They’re vicious
Strike without warning!

Admit defeat from the animal
Craving meat, human meat
We’re all human on the inside
It just doesn’t show in all of us!

Rebuild the earth
With the inhumane bones
That lead to nowhere
It’s now your beat of the drum!

Where will you place the pawn!
When its your shot at victory
Hide behind bare skin
Succeed at death

We knew you could do it!


(Instrumental Intro)
Murder the child that steals from the poor man of society
Like the bastard that eats from the ground.
Murder the child that kills a mother from depression
When no one wants to be around.

Unload the shotgun!
He’s a murderous one!
We tried to prevent this from happening!
What the hell can we do!
(What the hell can we do!)

The bullet’s destination is just around the corner!
Keep your voices down or shut the **** up!

It’s a warzone out here!
You in my line of fire, stay the **** out of the way!
It’s a new day now, change your train of thought!
Catch a family of despair in the worst moment!

Hear the pigsqueal from parasite!
Raid the room, red from death!
It’s ok now, we’re out of this place!
Now give a little bit of time to catch your breath!
We’ve lasted weeks now!
But where the hell are we!
He just won’t stop!
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