Don't get me wrong...this forum is my favourite and i'd probably come here if i have other non related questions...So don't flame me for putting a game thread here...i know game forums are best,but i'm just lazy

Well,the PIT IS for almost anything right?So,i just started playing this really fun game called Oblivion lV but the problem is,it apparently isn't just running around and completing quests...but there are many complicated things which mainly consists of your Major and Minor skills...and thats the reason for this thread...

You see,i want to be a custom ''sniper'' where you actually get a one hit kill by sneaking and aiming your arrow from a distance...and my aiming is really fairly good .And i've started this game many times...but can't seem to be able to get the perfect stealth skill build...I'll only state the major skills...and i will not state all the minor skills..except the main ones...So if you do have experience,please help me tweak my build for me for a perfect stealth character...

Major Skills;

-Heavy Armor

Minor Skills;*not all but main ones*

-Light Armor

As you can see,i'm trying to get a balanced build...and i think that i've gotten it quite right...can anyone who fully understand the game please help me?

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So you wanna custom class that is a sniper?

Your skills look good.

So try it, the only thing I can suggest is always use your bow, and always sneak attack people.

I don't know if you will be able to kill everyone in one shot though.
your gunna want a wood elf with
-light armor

im not familiar with the star signs so i cant suggest ne thing
as a marksman your gunna need to be fast hence the light armor instead of heavy
alchemy is good for poisoning arrows
thats my 2 cents
Do NOT put alchemy as a major skill. You will gain levels so fast that it's not even funny, and won't be able to keep up with the stronger enemies.

Maybe switch light and heavy armor too?
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i know,the reason why i put those minor skills as minor is to balance the build i have...
Actually, if you are really gonna take this long term, then put your best skills as your minor skills. Put something else as your major. It will ultimately get your sneak and marksman up higher. you will get the extra bonus for every level that way.

or go to the unofficial elder scroll pages.
Marksman should be a minor skill if you intend to use it constantly. And become a vampire, don't feed for four days, then beat the theives guild.

EDIT: Vice Versa actually, and don't do the Vampire thing until all the skills it affects are maxed out.
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