When i go to sign onto my xbox in general it shows me signing in but it doesn't sign me in, then when it finally does sign me in, it will kick me off when i try to sign into live, and then when i finally do sign into live i can't play games and when i try to view my friends or get messages, my xbox freezes. it wasn't doing this 15 min ago when i last used my 360

any suggestions?
i play drums and guitar :
WTF me too!!!!! this makes me think it's not our fault.... i was playing earlier today too and haven't changed anything
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im so glad im not alone. wow you guys are freezing too?
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ok when your signing in, just press B and it'll sign u in anyways
then check ur msgs and xbox live says that its doing an update which i what im assuming is whats happening.
I can't go to xbox.com : (
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I was looking at porn at the computer froze