Lately I have been really studing my music theory and trying to apply it to bass. Currently I am trying to groove off a chord from a guitar but I am having trouble. I understand which notes I should be playing but I can't seem to apply funkitude to it (ha). How do you get into the groove? I know I have it but it just won't click for me.
Rhythm Harmony Melody
it helps to practice with a good drummer and feed off of their rythms until your able to come up with your own rythms.
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I have trouble finding the groove when on improv, I usually just sit back and work over the technical stuff untill I finnally feel good with what I've accomplished. Then once I've decided what I'm going to do (Melodic wise) I start working on rhythm portion of it. Heck I'm still working on my Stolen Moments solo and I've had that song for a few good months now!
well, i just figure out what key the guitarist is in, then i kind of play a rhythm in my head that goes along with the guitar, try to find it on the fretboard, start slowly playing this rhythm that i thought of, gradually increasing the intensity of what im playing, and then ill slowly get into the 'groove', and i let muscle memory take over from there, and the juices flow....not sure if that is what other people do, but its a suggestion
To me it's possible to only hit a good groove two ways. The first is simply playing around with the chord tones and scalar tones, and then eventually an idea hits me. I groove off that and say, hey then I could go here, etc. And a groove is born. The other and, in my head, better way, is with a good drummer just picking up a groove and then thinking of a good groove idea and going for it. I'll get it wrong from what was in my head but what comes out might be better, or it might be worse and I need to work it a little. Either way works, and I have found some infectious grooves both ways.
For me, its to lock with the drummer and then just build on the pulse I find there. It allows me to push pull against the beat and lock a groove instinctively. My problem starts when I try to over think what I am playing and the instinctive groove goes out the window.