ok suppose i have a marshall MG100HDFX and a orange 2X12 cab. and i wanted to connect an orange crush combo with that pairing, is it possible to safely connect the crush combo by putting 1/4'' cable from the mg100 output jack into the crush combo input jack.

so to reiderate i want to combine a head / cab system to a combo amp by using the 1/4" line out on the mg100 into the 1/4'' line in on the crush combo

so i would be getting sound from 3, 12 inch speakers

sry if im being a newb i just dont wanna waste money if this cant be done. thanks for any/all input
So youre going to buy a really nice Orange 2x12 cab, and then pair it with an MG100HDFX? I wouldnt do that...but thats just me. And what youre saying IS possible, but completely impractical and not worth the hassle.
the head was just an example, the first one i came across with a 1/4 output on the front face, honesly im not going to buy a head until april or may of next year, i just came across a good deal on an orange crush and i dont wanna pass up the deal.
why is it impractical also? i mean if your adding another speaker to your set up wouldnt that be benificial?



Get a real head to run with such a nice cab.

And honestly, I wouldn't bother. You're changing impedence, it can get a little confusing, and it won't be worth it. Doesn't make that big of a difference.

Especially with an MG
uh, i dont know if you guys up there are trying to be funny, but the cab makes ALL the difference.
i mean, of course the mg running through the celestion stamped speakers made by chinese babies is going to sound bad. through a great cab, it will sound "better." the speakers are the speaker enclosure are a great deal of what the final product sounds like.
hey bro. shyte analogy. but its like running movies through an hd-set. the sets going to give you the best picture possible with whatever you give it. your taste is your taste. but still, every amp regardless of what it is needs to be run through the optimum speaker enclosure to get a true sense of what it can do. end of story.
guys read what i said, i definatly said the head was just an EXAMPLE, i havent invested money into anything but a practice amp. i said a marshall mg series because i know it has a 1/4'' output jack on the face plate. everyone is missing my main question can you add a combo amp to a head / 2X12 set up by using 1/4'' output (the head) into the 1/4'' input combo. essentially adding another 12'' speaker to your set up. please stop getting wrapped up in the details and just give me some feedback to my real question. sorry for and confusion.