How exactly do you mute during sweeping. I've recentely started learning how to sweep, and a i get the way of picking and i can do the rolling slowly, but i've been told your supposed to mute the strings while doing it. Is this true, if so how would I do it?


Also, how would I do this, if your supposed to remove each finger from that string after each note? Would you barre it, or not?

As you can probably tell, i'm new to the whole shredding thing. Up until this point i've mainly played blues and funk type stuff. While playing metal I would usually be rythym section or have a not extremely fast solo. But I want to learn how to do that, so any other tips on how to build speed would be awesome aswell. Thanks
you can mute with your left hand fingers, with your picking hand thumb or with the palm of your picking hand.
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Search this forum for what you want. Both sweeping and speed, if you don't find what you're looking for, re-make your thread in that forum. TY.