I want a high gain amp. My question is this, if I bought a Randall Half Stack with one of their SS or Hybrid heads, could i get as good of distortion out of it as if I bought a distortion pedal, say a Boss SD 1 Super Overdrive? I've heard a lot of good things about Randall's SS, I've also played them and they're great for high gain compared to my Crate Palomino. SO help me out with this, how good wuold the high gain be compared to a pedal, if I wanted a Metallica/ A7X tone?
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Well if you were to get a pedal for high gain stuff I wouldnt get an SD-1 seeings as thats an overdrive pedal. BUT, I have heard great things about Randalls SS stuff and I think that their halfstacks are a pretty good value.