Ok so it's not really guitar-related, but it is a recording nonetheless...sort of.

(Made entirely on fruityloops)


EDIT: Oh, it's on my profile if you're looking for it. Sorta shoulda mentioned that...
That was pretty enjoyable. I thought the rising thing near the beginning was pretty cool. I sort of think it could have used more instruments sparsely scattered throughout. For most of it, it's just drums, bass, the rhythm instrument, and occasionally the lead line. It's cool with that, but I think you could spice it up with more percussion and instruments and possibly some more of those cool noises like the rising one and the one at 1:42. Other than that though, it was definitely an enjoyable piece of music. The dropouts worked good, though I think you could have gone into a whole new section at the end there when you bring the beginning part back instead of ending it. It could have made for a really good transition into a new section.

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