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gibson les paul studio
8 24%
schecter hellraiser
3 9%
gibson explorer
18 53%
dean razorback
5 15%
Voters: 34.
i no i posted this before but i wanna make it into a poll

im deciding on a guitar to save start saving u for after christmas. i have a line 6 spider 120 amp and will be gertting a crate flexwave half stacck in the future. well here are the guitars:

1 gibson les paul studio

2 dean razorback

3 gibson explorer

4 schecter hellraiser fr

i play a mix of metal alternative and rock i am getting a boss mt2 metal zone distortion and a dunlop slash wah

thanks in advance please respond
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

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i think you should get a new amp instead man. You already have a decent guitar, and like 70% of the tone comes from the amp. Look into some tube marshalls, traynors, maybe a used mesa f 50
razorbacks are straight poo. they only have lfr and cost a kazillion dollars. but they are cool looking. still...looks vs. quality
I love the explorer so i would say that.
I would never get the razorback beacuase who ever plays it to me looks like a dime wanabe and because dean is makin money from his death.
Gibson Explorer. It's got that full Gibson sound with allowing better upper fret access than the Led Paul. Also I think the shape is sex, even though a lot of people don't agree.
1. Don't get a solid state half stack.

2. Don't get your distortion from a pedal; especially the Boss Metal Zone.

3. Try out each guitar, and base your judgement on that. We can only give you advice based on specs or personal experience, and no two guitars are the same.
sh*t man, get a new amp first!
even the best guitars will sound like poo if your amp sucks.
Get a new amp, like a Peavey or something then use a distortion pedal, and on the guitars I hate Explorers it seems every time I play one the neck is too sticky and finished, LPs all the way
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I can't say much for the other three, but I can comment on the Gibson Studio...

Do not touch it.

Gibson LP Studios are made from off-cuts of lower grade wood than other LPs. You think they're the same as a regular Gibson, just not as pretty? Think again. A regular Gibson LP is made from solid slabs of C-select mahogany, with either a AA or AAA maple cap (depends on the model). This is what gives it that great old LP tone and sustain that LPs are famous for.

Not so with the Studios. Aside from using cheaper electronics and hardware, the wood they use is of a far lower grade, and not only that, but is taken from off-cuts, not solid slabs. This greatly reduced the sustain, and heavily effects the tone of the guitar.

If you want a cheap LP that is as close to a full old Gibson LP as possible, the three best options are:
- Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique. These typically cost several hundred less than a Standard (depends where you live), and the only differences between these and the Standard are the finish options, the neck profile options, and the pickups (though whether the pickups are any better or worse is entirely up to you: they're not technically superior or inferior, just different).
- Epiphone Elitist Standard Plus or Elitist Custom. These are exactly like their Gibson counterparts, but use a different type of lacquer (but like the Gibson Classic's pickups, whether this is better or worse is up to your personal preference), the Epi neck profile (again, up to your personal preference), and different pickups (again... personal preference if they're better or worse).
- Epiphone Les Paul Custom + some upgrades. Not much to say on this one, just quite simply; An Epiphone Les Paul Custom with upgraded pickups and tuners will be closer to a real Gibson LP than a Gibson Studio will be. That simple. In fact, you could just upgrade your existing Standard, and it would be closer to a real LP than the Gibson Studio is.

Then of course there's Tokai and Vintage for very good LP copies, ESP do some nice ones too, or there's Edwards and Agile a bit lower down, then there's the MK Patriots, though personally I've always found those to be horrible, everyone else here has a hard-on for them so you never know, give them a try.
Quote by blue_strat
1. Don't get a solid state half stack.

2. Don't get your distortion from a pedal; especially the Boss Metal Zone.

3. Try out each guitar, and base your judgement on that. We can only give you advice based on specs or personal experience, and no two guitars are the same.

i agree withe verything except number 2, ive used the metal zone, its a good pedal.

and umm distortion from pedals can be pretty awesome dude
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don't get the crate flexwave half stack.
don't get the metal zone.
don't get the slash wah unless you're only going to be using wah whilst using distortion.
actually try out the guitars before you randomly throw down $1500 because of the way they look and the things people say about them. those guitars all sound and feel very different from each other, from weight to neck profile to trem vs. non trem etc etc etc. shopping blindly is not a good thing.
DO NOT GET A CRATE STACK. Your current guitar is fine, follow everyone else's advice and get a new amp.
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I would never get the razorback because whoever plays it, to me, looks like a dime wannabe.

I would say the schecter or the explorer. I love les pauls but the one you already have would be just about equal to the studio. For the most part, unless it's about the equivalent of a standard, you're really just paying to have gibson on the headstock.
Explorer & Tube amp! I'm out!
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you'd be much better off selling your spider, and buying some new pickups & a new amp. You'll still have enough left over for a good wah.
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