Has anyone else tried to replace the bridge pickup in their HSS S1 Strat and discovered it's impossible (without changing the pickguard) because of the way Fender designed the f@(#*@(#%ing pickguard?
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well on every strat and strat style guitar ive played, you have to take the pickguard off to change the pickups. but if you mean that it is impossible to actually remove the pickup from the pickguard when it is taken off, then that is wierd.
No I mean the way the screw holes are on an S1. The holes don't line up with the Seymour Duncan pickup screw holes.

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Well, if that is your guitar, at least you will be better off with a different pickguard. :P
Drill a new hole for the mounting screw, or buy a new pickguard. Simple as that.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Yeah. I really didn't want to do either, but I guess I have no choice.
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