I just put some GHS flatwounds on my bass. They seemed OK at first but now they feel kind of sticky. Like when I slide my finger, it gets stuck at first then all of a sudden it slides fast. They also sound pretty "twangy" when this happens. It just feels sloppy and not as precise as before.

I just find it really awkard, mostly when playing fast with significant movement up and down the neck. When I changed the strings, I put some bore oil from the local guitar shop on the fretboard, then wiped the residue off before putting on the strings. Could this be the reason? Is this typical for flatwounds, should it go away... ?

new strings, especially bass strings will do that. that and the flatwounds will naturally feel like that. just play it out. it will suck for a while, but all you can do is play it out
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Flatwounds and certain types of coated strings will feel like that at first. Give it a few days and they will feel better with time. Besides, it will build callouses where you never though you needed them before.
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Flatwounds are notorious for being sticky and gucky strings. I personally don't like them, mainly because I find they don't make calluses. They make blisters galore but never callus over.

agree entirely

also, next time spend a few extra bucks and get some rotosounds, you'll thank me
Stainless steel strings have that grip by nature. You'll learn to love it, and IMO it improves your technique as you have to be confident about your slides.
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